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Excellent service is as important to us as it is to you.

Kevin Hinsliff Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services is a family-operated business.

Kevin will personally look after your garden. He takes a great deal of pride in keeping your lawns and garden beds looking their best all year round.

About us

Kevin Hinsliff Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services is run by Sandy and Kevin Hinsliff. Sandy worked in customer-service roles in a corporate environment for many years. She takes care of the office administration and it will be her you speak to when you call. Sandy will ensure your gardening work is scheduled to be done at a convenient time for you. Kevin spent a large part of his career working in maintenance for a 5-star hotel. He worked his way up to maintenance manager before deciding to become a small business owner.

When not at work Sandy and Kevin spent all their spare time in the garden; it’s what made them come alive. In 2015, they decided to give up the corporate world and follow their passion of plants and gardens, starting up Kevin Hinsliff Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services.


Do you love your garden but don’t have the time to keep it looking beautiful? Kevin Hinsliff Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services will regularly mow and maintain your garden to a standard you can be proud of.

Body Corporates

Units and townhouse developments are often surrounded by large areas of lawn, garden beds and trees. Keeping the garden areas looking their best requires regular maintenance. If each owner-occupier or tenant is responsible for the care of their garden, the development can become a mixture of well-kept and untidy areas. A regular scheduled visit from Kevin Hinsliff Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services will keep the development looking well maintained.

Investment properties

Are your tenants not keeping your gardens as neat as you would like? An untidy, overgrown garden spoils the street appeal of your property. Why not engage Kevin Hinsliff Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services to regularly mow and maintain your gardens? Your property will look neat and tidy, keeping your neighbours happy and the value of your property increasing.

Lawn mowing

A healthy, manicured lawn not only looks appealing, it’s a place for children and pets to play, a place to relax and unwind, and it provides a cooling element on a hot day.  Regular mowing is good for lawns because it encourages thick growth. Small pieces of grass fall to the ground creating a fine mulch which then breaks down providing nutrients for your lawn.

Our equipment is well cared for and mower blades are sharpened regularly, helping prevent disease. We catch and remove all the cuttings so you don’t have to worry about disposing of the cut grass.

Weed Control

Avoiding the use of chemicals by controlling weeds by hand is good for the environment, as well as preventing damage to existing plants by sometimes unavoidable overspray. The time it takes to hand weed a garden is reduced if it is done regularly. Not only is your garden healthier because no chemicals have been used, it will look neat and tidy. If you have a large area that needs weeding, or would prefer chemical control, we will supply the most effective chemicals for your specific weeds.

Hedge trimming

A hedge must be trimmed on a regular basis during the growing season to keep its shape. A hedge that has been let go can become sparse at the base and look top heavy. We will regularly trim your hedge to keep it looking its best.

If you are considering putting in a hedge, we can recommend the best plants to use for your site. We can also supply and plant your hedge, and look after it while it’s young and developing. We will then maintain it when it matures.


Pruning can be a time-consuming job and if you’re not sure what needs pruning when, it can be daunting. Plants respond very well to pruning, foliage thickens up and, in the case of flowering shrubs and perennials, flowers can be more prolific.


All life needs to eat to thrive, and plants are no different, they get hungry too. It’s best to feed your lawns and garden beds twice a year to keep them looking their best. We only use top quality, organic fertilisers.

Garden maintenance

Besides mowing lawns, pruning and weed control there are many jobs in the garden that need doing: mulch replenishment; repotting plants; tree and shrub planting are just a few. Kevin Hinsliff Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services can provide all these services, plus more.


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