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Have you ever met someone and something about them gave you a bad feeling, or been in a situation that made you feel uncomfortable? When we have experiences like that our rational mind takes over and tries to find a logical explanation, although it is usually our intuition trying to guide us. We are all born with the capacity to be intuitive, but from a young age society trains us to focus on the physical world. As Einstein famously said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”.

In 2008, ScienceDaily reported that a research team at Leeds University Business School had analysed a wide range of research papers into the phenomenon of intuition and concluded that it is “the result of the way our brains store, process and retrieve information on a subconscious level”. Carl Jung believed there were four major faculties of the psyche: thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. Francis Vaughan, on the Awakening Intuition presentation said “We can never be certain of what the outcome of something is going to be, but … we can have a strong intuitive sense of the direction we want to pursue…”

By tuning into our inner self, we get in touch with our intuition that can help us make decisions. The first step in the process is to quiet the mind which is often in constant motion, flitting from one thought to the next. If we learn to quiet the mind and control our thoughts, not only can we be more in touch with our intuition, but we can overcome anxiety, feel more relaxed, have more clarity of mind and better focus. The most basic form of meditation is to sit comfortably and quietly and focus on your breath by counting each inhalation and exhalation. When thoughts come just let them pass, don’t focus on them. If you practice this meditation for 10–15 minutes a day you will find your ability to control your thoughts and let your intuition come through improves markedly. Meditation is a practice that needs to be done at least four times a week, on an ongoing basis. If the practice is discontinued the mind will go back to its chattering, noisy state.

If you struggle to meditate on the breath, a guided meditation may suit you better. There are many guided meditations on the internet, just search for guided meditation and you’ll find a multitude of different meditations on youtube, websites and even apps. You’ll be sure to find one that suits you.

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