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Sonya Murphy, owner of Adala Group has spent her career as a small business operator in the graphic design and publishing industries.

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Adala Group is a small business working alongside other small businesses – keeping it local!

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“Spending my days crafting words and creating online and print designs to achieve the best results for my clients gives me a great deal of satisfaction – I love nothing more than a job well done.” ~ Sonya Murphy

Adala Group was established in 2016 and consists of three businesses, Adala Web Design, Adala Publishing and Adala Writing & Editorial. Sonya also runs Typeskill, a business providing production services to publishers.

Sonya has worked in graphic design and publishing for over 30 years. She began her career as an apprentice Hand and Machine Compositor, the second female apprentice to be employed at The Advertiser Newspaper in Adelaide, South Australia. At that time, the previously male-dominated industry was changing at a rapid pace, with computers replacing hot metal machinery. The apprenticeship included training in graphic design, typesetting and proofreading.

After completing her apprenticeship Sonya left the newspaper and worked in a variety of small businesses from print shops to design service bureaus until she decided to go into business for herself in 1987. Since that time she has successfully serviced publishing companies through the many technological changes the industry has faced.

In early 2015 she began studying, going on to complete a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing. It was while doing her degree that Sonya re-discovered her childhood love of writing. In 2018 Sonya began a Master of Creative Writing.

Sonya now brings her passion for words and design into her business, Adala Group. She specialises in writing, editing, graphic and web design for small businesses and start-ups, helping them achieve a professional image online and in print.

Sonya also helps authors self publish their books.

Why the name Adala?

When looking for a name for her new business, Sonya wanted something that reflected her German and Lebanese heritage as well as her ethics and ideas on how a business should be run.

The word Adala has roots in both German and Arabic and on discovering the meaning of the word in each language, Sonya knew it had to be the name for her new business.

Adala (German) – noble one (having high moral principles)

Adala (Arabic) – justice (fair and reasonable, a concern for justice, peace and a genuine respect for people)

The story of the logo

The Adala logo was drawn by talented artist and photographer Jess Hinsliff. Sonya wanted a logo to reflect her love of nature and her belief that everything is connected. The tree of life represents being grounded and the depiction of the animals in the treetop are a statement of Sonya’s deep love for all animals.

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